Content Authoring

With your Market With Me website, content authoring is easier than ever.

You can have multiple users within your site with different permissions. And they will be able to do a number of authoring tasks. What’s even more exciting, is that they don’t need a lot of technical knowledge or training to do so.

The short list of authoring capabilities include the following:

  • Add, update, and delete pages and posts.
  • Add, update, and remove items from header and footer menus.
  • Add, update and remove categories and tags to organize content.
  • Add, update, and remove images and media.
  • Apply page templates, content blocks, and widgets to a page.

When an author is building a page or design, there are several features that enable them to focus on creating content (not on coding):

  • Use the intuitive page builder to drag-and-drop elements.
  • Use inline visual editing to type directly into the design.
  • Use shortcuts and hotkeys to complete tasks more efficiently.

This list just scratches the tip of the surface!

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