Here’s what you get with your site:

01: Better Design Tools

02: Superior Technology Stack

03: Reliable DevOps Team

“I have great ideas for improving my website, but it never seems to be possible without adding expensive new functionality.”


Say goodbye to boring design.

Enjoy complete design freedom without touching code.  Create your dream website using 100s of professional elements that have passed our rigorous quality assurance tests. Customize each element with easy-to-use administration controls.


90+ pre-designed, pre-tested widgets (like buttons, text blocks, and images) to speed-up site development. 

Content Blocks

50+ pre-developed content blocks or sections which can be combined on a page to tell a complete story.

Page Templates

300+ done-for-you page templates which use widgets and content blocks to communicate your message. 

Global Design

Manage site-wide colors and styles in a few clicks. Create content once, replicate it throughout your site.


Multiple inline design features which allow you to manipulate background colors, images, and white space.


Manage all aspects of typography and icons including font families, sizes, weights, spacing.

Motion Design

Use motion and animations to existing designs in a way that adds visual interest and creates emphasis. 

Grid System

Manage all aspects of your sites layout, all of which become the backbone of your website’s UI.


Reach high-end designs, without any coding with the most advanced content management system in the world.


Capture user data with easy-to-create forms built right from your editor. Manage form fields and actions.


Make pages more findable via search with the ability to add metadata, semantic search attributes, and more. 


Use builders to create elements with more complexity, like pop-ups and reusable themes. 


Ditch the technology handcuffs​​​

Build on a feature-rich website platform that grows with your business. This means that you can easily scale your content and website functionality as your business grows to avoid costly overhauls and redesigns. Also, we regularly update and enhance the platform, which means that your site stays up-to-date with new technologies and you will have access to new website features.

Robust Platform

Our technology stack uses WordPress along with selected premium plugins to equip you with the advanced functionality modern marketers need. 

Core Functionality

Visual Controls

Extended Controls

Easy Integrations

When needed, you can seamlessly integrate with other technologies in your digital ecosystem using our native integrations.


Never worry about the backend​

Many site owners don’t have an adequate maintenance plan for after their site goes live. Our experienced DevOps team manages your hosting, security, and website health to ensure that your website maintains peak performance with no effort from you.

Dependable Hosting

Our platform is built on a leader in WordPress hosting. This means that you will have ample space to store your pages and multimedia elements. You will also enjoy unparalleled bandwidth, speed, scalability, and security.

Performance Monitoring

Our platform is built on a leader in WordPress hosting. This means that you will have ample space to store your pages and multimedia elements. You will also enjoy unparalleled bandwidth, speed, scalability, and security.

Automatic Upgrades

We ensure your site stays current and secure by automatically implementing major WordPress updates as well as upgrades on third-party plugins and themes. We have a robust pre-release testing process to ensure there are no issues.


As a preventative measure, we use several hardening techniques to reduce security risks. We also actively scan and monitor cybersecurity threats. If there is an issue, we resolve it– often before you or your users notice.

Backups & Disaster Recovery

We maintain regular backups of your site, hosted in a separate environment for added security. In the event of a disaster (or an issue with your site), we are able to retrieve these backups and revert to an earlier version.

Responsive Support Team

When you have questions about your site, our responsive support team is ready to help. You can also visit our resource center to access our growing library of videos and articles about how to use your new website.


Still have questions?

If you want more information beyond the answers to commonly asked questions below, please request a consultation from a member of our account team. They would be happy to assist you.

The Market With Me monthly fee includes:

  • Dev Ops team – This team monitors, maintains, and keeps your site updated. These experts routinely charge $150-200 / hour.
  • Premium theme and plugin costs – The cost of all premium theme(s) and plugins is included. This typically costs several hundred dollars per year.
  • Strategic services – 1 hour of time with a strategic services team member to use as you need. These experts typically charge $100 – $200 / hour.
  • Premium hosting–  with the high levels of uptime and availability.

A beautiful blank canvas.  If you have just purchased the $100 starter site, your website will have a few starter webpages with placeholder copy and images. 

This will provide you with a simple structure to which you can quickly and easily  add pages, designs, and other elements.

Absolutely. In fact, we recommend this. 

By default, your Market With Me website will be assigned a customized URL, such as

We strongly recommend that you purchase custom domain name and have it pointed to your Market With Me website.

When you are ready to launch your site, notify the support team to walk you through the steps for pointing your domain.

You monthly rate includes one (1) strategic services hour, which can be used for all things marketing, including site customizations, copywriting, content writing, graphic design, and strategy. This is often used for small maintenance or upgrade tasks.

If you have a bigger need, you can purchase additional strategic service hours. To start this process, use our Hire An Expert form so that our team can provide a quick cost and time estimate.

Customization hours do NOT roll over from month-to-month.

This is for two reasons.

  1. Allowing rollovers makes it difficult for us to plan resources. One of the ways that we provide a high value, low cost service to you is through effective resource management.
  2. We want you to update something on your site at least once per month. Not only does this help with the search algorithm, but it also ensures that your site remains fresh.

We have seen companies invest large sums of money and time into redesign projects every 2-3 years to keep up with changing technology needs. This is expensive, time consuming (and often unnecessary).

We help you avoid this trap so that you never pay for an expensive site redesign again.

First of all, your site is built on a solid technology platform with all the standard features and functionality that modern marketers need. As your site grows in terms of size and complexity, you can enable these features without the need for expensive redesigns.

Secondly, your site will be updated with enhancements and upgrades. We have an innovation process which involves regularly identifying and adding new features, which are available to all sites on our network upon release.

What is under the hood of your website is just as important as the exterior. With each aspect of your site, there are hundreds of decisions to be made to ensure that your site is technically sound and aligned with industry best practices.

We extensively test each pre-designed template, component, and widget to ensure robustness, flexibility, and standards compliance. In essence, we’ve addressed all the hard stuff so that you don’t have to.

The following items are evaluated before an element is released into our library:

  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Cross-Device Compatibility
  • Web Accessibility
  • Search-Optimized
  • Built-in Tracking
  • Usability Compliance

Your new website is just a day away.

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