Content Blocks

Content blocks are the building blocks of your page designs. Essentially, they are pre-designed sections of a webpage that serve a specific purpose. When you add multiple content blocks to a page, they combine to tell a complete story.

For example, let’s say you want to build an about us page. You could start with just 3 content blocks:

(1) Our History

(2) Our Team

(3) Our Mission

When put together on one page, these blocks provide the user with an understanding of who your company is.

Content blocks are very useful for website design because:

(1) You can build on them. You can launch with these content blocks and then add content blocks over time to enrich your story.

(2) They are reusable. Because the content within each block is self-contained (it tells a mini-story of its own), you could use these blocks different places within your website. For instance, let’s say you wanted the “Our team” content block to also live on a special landing page.

So, how do content blocks work? Well, it turns out that they are easy to use:

  1. When you are on any page of your site, you start by adding a new section using the “plus” button.
  2. You find your desired content block from the library.
  3. Once you select a block, it is added to your page and is ready to edit.

With your Market With Me website, you will have 50+ pre-developed content blocks. And you can add more over time!

Explore the content blocks that come with your site on the Elementor website here (opens in a new window).

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