Global Design System

Your Market With Me site will have multiple global design tools which help you create a consistent style and structure from page to page. Not only is this essential to ensuring a great user experience, but this also makes content creation easier in the event that you have multiple people adding and updating content.

Here is a look at three of the most important global design features that come baked into your Market With Me website:


From the site customizer area, you will be able to manage fonts, color, and many styling elements throughout all pages within your site with just a few clicks. This will ensure that every aspect of your design is consistent and on-brand. When needed, you can overwrite these global design settings at a widget level.


You will be able to create global widgets and embed them into multiple pages. When you adjust the content and design of these global widgets, each instance of the widget throughout the site is automatically updated.

Menus, footers, and sidebars are perfect candidates for global widgets. Essentially, you build and manage these centrally, then designate which pages they will appear on. When you need to change a link or adjust the design, you make the change in one place.

Centralizing the management for these types of components has several benefits:

  • Reduced content creation time. Content authors do not need to recreate repeated content.
  • Always in sync. No need to make multiple updates or run the risk of having outdated content.
  • Design and content consistency. Limit who can access global widgets to eliminate the possibility of design inconsistencies and unintended changes.


Over time, you will develop a set of content blocks and page templates that you love. You can save these items to your site library and reuse them anywhere you’d like.

Let’s just say that you have created a hero section that you would love to use on other pages. You can save it to your library and pull it out when you want it. When you apply the item to a new page, it will retain all of the content and design settings from the original. This is one of many ways to ensure that you keep the same structure form page to page.

PRO-TIP: When you get your Market With Me Website, spend time thinking about the page structure and content blocks that you will use again and again throughout your site. Create an unpublished ‘Template’ page which houses all of these items, then save the content blocks to your content library. Doing this work in advance will save you lots of time down the line.

Global design tools and a well thought-out global design system for your Market With Me website will saves you time when dealing with repeatable content throughout throughout your site. Further, it will help ensure designs remain consistent, no matter how many content authors are working within your administration area.

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