Motion Design

With your Market With Me Website, you will be able to add interactions and animations using motion design features. When implemented with in small doses, motion design can grab the users attention and communicate complex information better than flat static designs. This leads to better engagement and more conversions.

Today, I want to talk to you about the top 5 motion design features included with your Market With Website.


I will start with pre-defined animations. For every element on your page, you will be able to:

  • add transparency
  • Add blur
  • add rotation
  • and scale animations

Think about Apple landing pages. Rather than a static display of text and elements, the designers opted to add subtle motion effects which allow elements to fade in or change style properties in front of the users eyes.

It’s like they suspend users in time and create focus around the most important information.

With your website, you’ll be able to do this too!


Next on the list are trigger controls. Basically, by using controls within your admin panel, you can trigger precisely when animations fire and how long the animation runs. For instance:

  • you can set an animation to run on page load, or
  • animate as the user scrolls down the page,
  • or animate when the user hovers over an element.

There are a lot of possibilities here. Your imagination is the only limitation.


A third motion design feature is parallax. Parallax is a feature that gives the elements of your page additional dimension by allowing backgrounds, images, and text to all move at different speeds as the user scrolls.

You may have seen this on websites before and wondered what it was that made the page so interesting. To see this feature in action, take a look at a curated list of parallax website examples from Invision and Webflow.

In the past, implementing a specialized animation feature like parallax required complex development, however, you can now implement it with a few clicks of your mouse in your new Market With Me website.


Number 4 on the list is mouse effects. If desired, you can make elements move in relation to mouse movement.

For instance, you can set the mouse to track the users mouse on the screen and trigger an animation based on mouse tracking. You can also setup a 3D feature which moves an element in 3d space as the mouse moves.


Last (but not least) on the list is the animated headline widget. This is a premium widget that has motion functionality built in and is fun and easy to use.

All you do is drag and drop the widget onto the page. Then select which of the pre-built animations you want to use. Instantly, you have attention-grabbing headlines that emphasize key copy.

So, there you have it. 5 motion design features that are packed into your Market With Me website and will allow you to add interaction and excitement to your static webpages.

When used in accordance with UX best practices, these motion design features will allow you to create more interactive and engaging websites, with better conversions.

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