Widgets are basic website elements that can be combined to build websites faster.

Think about buttons, text blocks, and images.

Those are widgets.

Using widgets is very straight forward:

  1. When you are editing any page within your site, you will see the widget library to the left.
  2. Find your desired widget, then drag and drop it on the page in your desired location.
  3. Once the widget is on the page, you will be able to fine tune the design and functionality of with administrative controls.

For example, let’s say that you want to create a custom button your page. You would:

  1. Drag and drop a button widget.
  2. Add copy.
  3. Adjust the button size
  4. Change the background color
  5. Play with the font family.

Yes, my friends… It’s that easy!

With your Market With Me website, you’ll have a robust library of more than 90 widgets.

Some of these come from the standard Elementor library, but we have also included several premium 3rd party widgets which extend Elementor’s functionality.

To explore available widgets, take a look at these webpages:

Elementor Widgets ->

Elementor Ultimate Add-Ons ->

Elementor Extras ->

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